California Divorce Blog–Domestic Violence

Today the video was released regarding Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice striking his then fiancé in an elevator.  This raises the issue of Domestic Violence and what the victim of Domestic Violence can do in such an awful situation. The Baltimore Ravens announced today that Ray Rice is no longer with the team.

Protective orders may be obtained ex parte on an emergency basis (“emergency protective orders”) in cases of imminently threatened domestic violence, child abuse and/or child abduction, stalking, or elder or dependent adult abuse. (See California Family Code Section 6240 and Penal Code Section 646.91; Also, Family Code Section 6241).  —presiding judge shall designate at least one judge, commissioner or referee “to be reasonably available to issue orally, by telephone or otherwise, emergency protective orders at all times whether or not the court is in session”)

It is so important for victims of Domestic Violence to seek help if there is a threat of imminent harm.  If you have any questions regarding Domestic Violence please contact Attorney Keith F. Simpson to discuss your case at (310) 297-9090. You may also visit our website at to arrange for a free initial consultation. The Law Offices of Keith F. Simpson, A Professional Corporation, is located in Manhattan Beach, California.


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