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California Divorce Blog–High Net Worth Divorce

September 3, 2016

High Net Worth divorce cases present unique issues in a marital dissolution matter. Whether you are a high net worth individual such as an Entrepreneur, Investor, Doctor, Lawyer or married to one, you face a unique set of challenges.

The first issue is to identify all assets (and debts) in a high net worth divorce. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Real Estate Holdings
  • Stock Investments
  • Ownership in Closely Held Corporations or other Entities
  • Patents, Copyrights and/or Trademarks
  • Art Collections
  • Gold
  • Exotic Vehicles including Yachts

Once we identify the assets we then need to have the assets valued. This is typically done by a professional appraiser when necessary.

Once the assets and values have been ascertained, we then need to determine whether the property is Community Property, Separate Property or a mix of Community Property and Separate Property. This may be complex depending on when the property was acquired, how the property was acquired and how title to the property is held.

Spousal Support is often a heavily litigated issue in High Net Worth Divorce cases. Permanent Spousal Support is determined upon a number of factors which include the length of marriage and the Marital Standard of Living. In High Net Worth cases, the Marital Standard of Living often includes frequent travel and residences in affluent communities. Therefore, it is extremely important to retain a competent attorney to represent your interests in a High Net Worth Divorce matter.

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